Post 823 Hearing is better, now it’s my eyes

Well I’m just getting better with my hearing Post 815 Hearing issue now a throat issue (Part 6) Update and now I find I have an issue with my eyes. I was sitting on the deck getting some sun and was looking at the clear blue sky when I noticed a “floater” in my left eye. It was especially noticeable when I was looking at the sky a constant colour and not when I was merely looking at things. It looked like a clear single cell with a small less clear mass near one end and a bunch of tiny specks through the rest of the clear object. This cell like object is about 45 degreed to the left of my centre of vision.

The unique thing is that it's elastic in nature. When I move my eye to the right, the right side of the object would (with a slight delay action) follow to my new view and as it did, it seems to stretch its body and then when I stopped my eye movement, the left side would catch up and do a little bounce as it reformed to its original shape, still about 45 degrees to the left of my centre of vision. When I would look to my left, then the left edge would move first and stretch and elongate itself and then the right side would follow and do its little bounce to regain its original shape. I think I’ll see an optimist and have it checked out. I wonder if this cold also be an infection that is related to my ear infection I'm just getting over.

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