Post 838 The players behind the USA and Canada Islamophobia

'Fear, Inc.' Exposes the So-Called Experts and Donors Behind Islamophobia in the United States

A new report by the Center for American Progress called "Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America" shows how a small group of self-proclaimed experts backed by a host of donors are spreading fear and hostility toward Muslims in the United States. According to the report, these so-called experts peddle Islamophobia in the form of books, reports, websites, blogs and carefully crafted anti-Islam talking points.

It also notes that right-wing Norwegian murderer Anders Breivik repeatedly cited these "experts" in his so-called "Manifesto."

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now speaks with one of the report’s authors, Faiz Shakir, vice president of the Center for American Progress and editor-in-chief of
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So Stephen Harper is the CANADIAN mouth piece spewing verbal diarrhea and hated to create religious and racial tensions and increase global military presence in accord with the NWO agenda. Does anyone not see a repeat of the ideology and tactics that Hitler and the Nazi’s used prior to WWII? You can be sure that they are laying the plans for global domination and WWIII.


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