Post 843 The Sparrow and the butterfly

On 2011 Sept 06 I was sitting on the swing on the back deck, I witnessed something that I have never seen before or even considered possible. A small white butterfly was making its hop-scotch way across the lawn when a sparrow tried to scoop it in mid-air for a noon day lunch. The butterfly must have sensed it coming as it quickly darted to the side, avoiding the sparrows attack and then fluttered over to the wooden fence, while the sparrow landed on the roof of the garden shed. No sooner had the sparrow landed than the butterfly darted toward the sparrow, attacking it from behind in a series of maneuvers that left the sparrow spinning his head and fluttering its wings in an attempt to thwart the vicious attack.

As quickly as he butterfly attacked it also retreated and it was all over in a few seconds. As the butterfly darted off, the sparrow gave chase but was no match for the swift and agile butterfly that quickly made its way to the large poplar tree, while the sparrow, flying in a straight line, flew to the roof of the garage next door.

To witness this match-up of David and Goliath was like watching a small lake freighter trying to catch a speed boat. What got me was that I never ever considered a butterfly an aggressive insect, a scorpion yes, and wasps and bees, but a butterfly, and especially with it going after its attacker that was way bigger than it and without any means to inflict any sort of damage. It was not happy with merely escaping with its life, it was sending the sparrow a message, and even though it couldn’t deliver a death blow, it was heard. I think this is a sign of things to come, where animals, plants and even the Earth elements themselves will be saying, “Enough is enough!”


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