Post 844 More personal freedom being denied

What is DRM? – Digital Rights Management
Big Media describe DRM as Digital Rights Management. However, since its purpose is to restrict you the user, it is more accurate to describe DRM as Digital Restrictions Management. what_is_drm DRM Technology can restricts users’ access to movies, music, literature and software, indeed all forms of digital data. Unfree software implementing DRM technology is simply a prison in which users can be put to deprive them of the rights that the law would otherwise allow them.

After months of campaigning during 2006, declared Tuesday October 3rd 2006, an international "Day Against DRM". With more than 10,000 technologists having joined in the campaign and pledged to take direct action to stop DRM, and with more than 200 "actions" planned across the globe on October 3rd, we had achieved our goal of raising public awareness to the threats posed by DRM.

Now we must move from awareness of DRM to rejection of DRM. DRM technology is not vanquished. It is still a growing problem for all computer users, and by extension all of society. DRM is being used to restrict individuals' use of their own copies of published works. To enforce these restrictions, DRM software, and now hardware, must monitor and control a computer users' behavior. Frequently it reports on what it sees.

Products with DRM
Certain categories of products are disproportionately impacted by DRM. When you're considering buying a product in one of these categories, it's a good idea to do a quick search (on Defective by Design or the web at large).
Movies (see: bluray)
ebooks (see: Kindle Swindle)
Computers (Mac and Windows)
Mobile phones (e.g. the iPhone)

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