Post 860 Website hotlinking and spamdexing issues

Over the past couple of months I’ve had this feeling that something is wrong with my website. I finally determined that it had been hacked through the Advanced Guestbook that I had installed through my cPanel from my web host (Cirtex Hosting) By analyzing my webstats,, I determined that most of my website images had been either been hotlinked or spamdexed as the sites that were visiting a lot were totally not related to my site. I tried to uninstall the Guestbook, but that only served to delete most of my images on my websites.

I contacted support at Cirtex Hosting, or rather what they call support, as for the next two and a half weeks I tried to get the problem resolved but to no avail. What struck me was the lack of common sense and problem solving ability of their support staff, and I’m not only referring to level one support.

Anyone that says that the problem is fixed and doesn’t check to see if it is, is either ignorant, or are pretending to be ignorant, either way, it doesn’t matter as the results are the same. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had problems and issues and days without service, but I knew it was going to be my last with them. I knew I wasn’t going to get my website issues resolved and so I finally asked them to just restore my websites from a back up that included GuestBook. While the problem was still there, at least my sites had images and were active until I could get another site built. I left it like that as I was fed up with the nonsense and had already determined that I was going to get a new web host. What ticks me off is that they are no longer offering Advanced Guestbook on cPanel because of security issues, but they never informed their customers of the problem. I had similar problems with my guest book and web images in the past couple of years ago and never did find out what the problem was as they just restored a backup of my sites and told me the problem had been fixed.

I searched around and found SaveOnHosting, a Canadian site and signed up with them. But…. finding a new web host didn’t solve the problem as I just couldn’t transfer my websites over to the new host as I would also be transferring the issues and problems. I felt that the only way to resolve the Guestbook, hotlinking and spamdexing issues was to change every image tag and to also revise the related codes to reflect those changes, thereby breaking the links. Of course it goes without saying that I will not be installing guestbook on my new site. While I was making those changes I also decided to make a few other layout/design changes in preparation for what I have planned for my sites. Anyway, as of Oct 20, I’ve finally got my revised websites up and running on my new webhost.

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