Post 862 Another Apple Fast/Cleanse – Dentist

2011 Oct 03, My sister and I went on a three day apple fast. It was different experience this time with both of us doing the fast as usually I’m doing it by myself, while the other person is preparing cooked meals, whose smells make you hungry. I was surprised as usually on the second day of the fast, my Body was going through stuff, but that was not the case this time. After my apple supper on the last evening of the fast, I began to have severe pain in my lower back, groin and hips. It carried on all evening as I tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable and some sleep. I didn’t get any relief until dawn, and by the time I got up, 90% of the pain was gone.

2011 Oct 04 I had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and today I went back to get a couple of fillings re-done. When I had my teeth cleaned the hygienist cut my inner gum that later became infected. It took me a couple of weeks to clear up the infection using salt. When I went back today to get the fillings replaced, I let them know what they had done and that I was not a happy camper

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