Post 864 Older Mac iBook G4 laptop for my daughter

2011 Oct 14, I was talking on the phone with my daughter and during our conversation she mentioned that she was thinking of getting another laptop. We got around to talking about Apple laptops and I commented on the Mac iBook G4 that I had received from my son a couple of years ago and how I liked it, and that I saw one for sale on “Used Regina” that was going for cheap. She said she was interested in getting back into using a Mac as she had a Mac computer before and liked it. I told her that for what she wanted to use the laptop for, that this one would do the job. I said I’d check and see if it was still available.
Later I emailed the woman who was selling the iBook and found out that it had not been sold and made arrangements to see it that night. It was still in good shape. It had wireless internet and the battery was also good, showing over 5 hours of life. I bought it and that weekend I installed some programs on it. On Monday I mailed it off to her. I didn’t tell her I bought it, so it will be a surprise.

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