Post 868 Religious Tolerance and Acceptance

Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. Any so-called tolerance, like religious tolerance, is based in denial. Saying that one is tolerant and has compassion and acceptance for another’s religious beliefs is a merely mouthing an unspoken judgment (denial) that the other person’s religion is wrong or flawed without saying so. Unaware, or uncaring of their hypocritical statement they outwardly portraying a phony, humble, “goody two shoes” presentation face, an “act” that is contrary to the hidden truth. If it were the truth, there would be no need to express it as it would be a non-issue, and would be felt as real and genuine by others. You can also identify the judgments and denials present because as soon as those that proclaim religious tolerance are with their own crowd and like minds where they feel safe, they are quick to spew their judgments.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you have to take on another’s beliefs as your own, but to accept the fact that they have different beliefs and that it’s their choice. Also, once you can see past the rhetoric and issues of control intrinsic to all religions, you will see them for what they really are and not what you have been told and believe them to be. At that point, religion becomes a non-issue as you are no longer influenced and controlled by their programs and beliefs and you will also have acceptance for those that still cling to their religious beliefs for whatever reason as that is their right place. Instead of judgments, you will have compassion for others as you will have had the experience of “Been there done that” and not the denial based judgments that tolerance presents.

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