Post 869 Consumers of Food – Life Essence

It’s not the food we eat that is important to our physical life; it’s what’s in the food. I don’t mean what scientists call the vitamins and minerals, I mean the LIFE ESSENCE that we are taking from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms so that we can maintain life in our physical bodies that eventually age and run down ending in our own physical death. Some would argue that death is just a natural part of life, and the never ending cycle. But I question that belief as why would anyone that desires life, be forced to die. It doesn’t make sense. Yes, there are some that desire choose death “unconsciousness” and want to die and so that ideology can apply to them, but not to those that desire life.

I believe that the reason our bodies age and run down is because of the denials and unloving energy we are holding that are a direct consequence of our denials of our Soul, (Intuition, feelings and emotions) Spirit, (Mind and thoughts) Body, and Heart that are also reflected in our unlovingness in killing and consuming other essence for their life essence (Light) to give us life.

We have forgotten that we need to receive our Light directly from the Source, instead of stealing it covertly by controlling, killing and consuming them. We humans have become a race of CONSUMERS with a furious and voracious appetite that is slowly killing the planet and everything upon it.

So how do we reconnect with our Source? How do we get our Light and eternal Life through the Source? How can we reverse the process we are now caught up in that we deem as our very survival? Humm? I think/feel this is a Spirit issue. I don’t know why I say that, it’s just what I felt.


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