Post 870 Scraped – cut hand – Needed three stitches

2011 Oct. 21 At about 11:00 am I stopped in at Superstore to pick up 6 bags of water softener salt for my sister. The salt was stored outside so I went and paid for the salt then went out to get a cart so that I could move it to my car. I easily dropped the first bag into the lower half of the cart and then picked up the second bag and in a swooping motion, I heaved it into the cart, unaware that because the first bag was lying in the cart, that there was no room for the second bag to fit as easily as the first. My right hand hit the underside of the upper wire basket and the momentum of the 20 kg bag of salt forced my hand against and under the basket and in the process it tore a triangular piece of skin off the top of my right hand. I was in shock as I saw a ¾” or 2 cm flap of skin folded neatly against the back of my hand exposing a triangular piece of pink flesh.

At the same moment I felt the pain rush up my arm to my arm pit bringing tears to my eyes. I quietly replaced the shin flap and reached for my wallet that always carried a couple of band-aids. I put one over the wound and then finished loading the cart, putting them in my car and transporting them home, carrying them into the basement and emptying four of them into the water softener. I then went to the bathroom and looked after my wound.

Around 1:00 pm I decided to go to the drug store to get some larger Band-Aids and I talked to the pharmacist that said |I’d need stitches if it was to heal properly. I had two choices: go to the emergency ward at the hospital or to the local clinic and see if the doc would do the stitches there. I went to the local clinic but the doctor that was on duty was the one I had a run in with when I had an ear infection so I decided to go across the city (10 minutes) to where I knew my doctor would be.
After a couple of hours wait, he saw me and put three stitched in the wound. He said it could have used five but the thought that three would do because it was a flap. I have an appointment to go back in a week to get the stitches removed.


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