Post 872 New WordPress Blog

I haven’t posted any blogs for a long time as I had lots of stuff going on, and also I was also doing a lot of procrastinating. Anyway I feel I am beginning to break out of my rut and things are beginning to move.

After 872 blog entries on Opera since 2007 January, I’ve finally done it. I’ve installed WordPress Blog on my website. My main concern was in getting the WordPress theme that I liked and so I hummed and hawed and looked at numerous websites and videos on how to manually install WordPress on my website.

Finally I decided to just use the cPanel “site software” on my web host and install WordPress from there and see what happens. To my surprise, it was a lot easier than I thought. I used the 5 minuet WordPress install and it was literally installed it in under 5 minutes. It also contained two WP themes, Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.. and Twenty Ten was one of the themes I liked. It also prompted me to update to version 3.3.1. so now I also have the latest version.

Now it’s just a matter of tweaking it to my liking and I’m off to the races.. I’ve edited all my website links and uploaded them to my website. I checked them briefly and everything seems ok, but I’ll go over it tomorrow and check every page. So now all I have to do is to post this final blog and create a link to my new blog site. You can get to my site in numerous ways, but my blog page is at this link, and my actual WordPress blog

Thanks to everyone that read my blog and I hope you will join me at my new site.. I plan to leave this and my old Blogger sites up as long as they let me as there is a lot of information on them.



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