Post 551 Different people… different problems… same issue… denial

’90 Oct I Have been in a few chats and have gotten a few e-mails from people that seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum yet have the same problems and issues. Some are Christians or Muslims devoted to their religion and others are agnostics or atheists, yet all share one thing in common and that is their denials. Their experiences may be different but that is only a form change as the undercurrent of their issues is not the experience that they are having but rather what is being denied and not being expressed. Their experiences are but a reflection of their denials.

When activated or triggered by an external experience, imprints and programs buried deep in the subconscious Mind, Will, Heart and Body take over an override our conscious awareness. Even though our mind may be dimly aware of the experience it is having when it has gapped, it is like a zombie, drawn to obeyed these unconscious inner urges and desires. It is only afterwards that the mind becomes clear again, and recognizes that it was in denial of a part of itself, but by then the damage has been done and now the mind goes into its other imprints and programs, that of damage control, and so the cycle continues. Bringing consciousness or awareness into the experience of the gap is one of the hardest things to do, but it can be done if one has intent to end denials that they are conscious of. If one is unwilling to end their conscious denials, then it is impossible to identify and end our unconscious denials of our imprints, programs and beliefs that are hidden, but are controlling us none the less.



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