Post 463 Mind wanting a “Quick Fix”

‘09 March 09 The mind is constantly flipping back and forth between the past and the future and is rarely in the present “now” moment. It is either worrying about what happened in the past and is constantly vigilant in not having a repeat experience. If it’s not focused on the past, then it’s worrying about the future or fantasizing what the future will based on expectations. The past, future and present are all mixed together and the Mind is jumping from one to another which robs us of living and being in the moment.

The Mind is like a computer or an electronic gadget with millions of wires and connections plugged into it. These wires are our old imprints programs and beliefs that subsequently control our mind and the thoughts and ideas it has. And just like a computer, garbage in, garbage out, as much of the information that is in the Mind does not serve our highest purpose and good.

The Mind doesn’t want to know or remember what it has tried to forget but is still being activated by its imprints, programs and beliefs. While it is aware that there is an issue, it doesn’t want to repeat the experience and that includes any opportunity to heal the issue and that is part of the reason that healing is so difficult. Instead of wanting to take responsibility and face its denials and fears, the Mind looks for a quick fix alternative to help it feel good and take the focus off of what it doesn’t want to think or feel.

In the process of finding a quick fix alternative it also begins to form attachments to those people, places and things that make it feel good, that provide the Quick fix and when challenged, the Mind calls this self-gratification, self-love. But like all quick fixes, they also loose their effectiveness as one always need to either have more to get them same result, or they need a new quick fix to take its place. And so the Mind is constantly seeking new physical forms of pleasure that will provide it with the quick fix feel good sensations it desires. That’s why there is this insatiable drive in our society for more, better or new, and also the desire to push the envelope in risk taking to get an adrenaline rush and an euphoric high, that constantly needs to be challenged to new heights. Being in the lime-light and getting positive or negative attention is another form of getting a quick fix. That also brings us to another form of quick fix and that is the need to feel physical pain, as feeling pain is at least better than feeling nothing and makes one feel alive, again only for a short time. Extreme sports and cutters are also part of this group of quick fix addicts.



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