Post 866 Insight into Conditional and Unconditional love

Several years ago I had a profound experience in which I felt (to the core of my Being) the difference between conditional and unconditional love and I made a drawing to illustrate what I had experienced. Post 187 Love – Conditional and Unconditional I’ve held that image of the two forms of love all this time and in so doing, I’ve been unable to come to grips with how all love can be one when it seems so divided and also how God’s new edict presented in the R.U.O.W. books of “Right Place,” fits into all this.

Well today, another piece of the puzzle fell into place. While the drawing I had previously made was an accurate graphic representation for what I had experienced, it was not drawn to represent how the two actually fit together to become one and that is what I got today. As it was, I felt that love was either conditional (black with various shades of gray to almost white) or unconditional (white).

What this present creation has and is experiencing is conditional love that ranges from total heartlessness and hate to moments of unconditional love. Right now we are still living in the conditional love reality and until we can heal our social pollution of our imprints, programs and beliefs, and the unseen role of denial hidden in our experiences we can’t begin to understand and manifest a creation where there is no denial and where love is unconditional.This has never been done before and is why I couldn’t see how it could possibly work or be true. We are now at a transition point of moving from one reality to another, from a reality of conditional love to one of unconditional love and this is where this new image and insight comes into play. When we begin to manifest this new reality, it will evolve and expand infinitely in the opposite direction of how conditional love was created and has expanded.

This is also how a “right place” will be found for all Spirits, as there is space and acceptance for all in this creation that includes all aspects of love and unlovingness. As those choosing to end their denials do so, they will raise their vibration and move from their present undesired location to what feels right for them in that moment. Slowly, the reality and experience of unconditional love will expand while the reality of conditional love will shrink. I feel there is still another image and understanding that I’m missing that will add further clarity to how this universe is created and operates.

NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .


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