Post 63 Brutally honest?

It’s interesting that during the past few weeks that I seem to be getting a lot of e-mails from people that don’t want conflict in their lives and just want to find ways to get other people to be nice and kind (like they are) and not to add stress to their relationships that are falling apart. Today I got another two comments from women on Experts in that they thought my response to their question was "brutally" honest and to the point, (as if that was a negative quality) and that my attitude needed an adjustment and that I also needed a lesson in manners and politeness, and a good dose of niceness. As I read their comment I smiled and thought that here is a prime example of the old "golden rule" of “do as I say, don’t do as I do” where they are oblivious to their judgments and where they could benefit from their own rhetoric if they had the mentality to understand what they were saying.

I didn’t reply, as it was merely a comment to my answer, but my question was… what is brutal about being honest? The only ones that feel that honesty is brutal are the ones that don’t want to hear the truth. Honesty to them is like a hot knife as it cuts through the veil of secrecy to expose what has been hidden and denied.


PS: I added the picture of the child as he too is being "brutally honest."

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