Post 479 Fear of the unknown

’09 April 15 As soon as you have a desired result for an experience in your mind, you have expectations and projections. That expectation takes you out of the present moment and slips you into the future and it also has a link to the past, as that is brings up experiences that were either similar, or ones that you don’t want to re-experience. This unseen role of denial robs you of the experience of the present moment, the now, the unknown and the source of your true power. When we are not in the present moment, we also fragment parts of our consciousness into the future or past, so we are not all “present” and any experience we have is created with denial and conditional love.

It’s ironic, in that here we think we have a fear of the unknown and consider it a stumbling block, an obstacle that prevents us from moving forward, and which we use as an excuse to procrastinate, avoid and deny doing something, when in reality, it is the unknown that is actually the thing that we should be exploring as that takes us our of expectations and projections of the future and past imprints, programs and beliefs and brings us totally into the NOW or present moment.

A closed Mind is full of judgments, beliefs and expectation (control) while and open Mind is free to challenge it’s judgments and beliefs and thereby able to release any expectations (no control). An open Mind sees the door to the unknown as yet another opportunity to experience something new and even if there is a feeling of fear and a judgment, the open Mind looks at it as an opportunity to release the judgment and heal any underlying issues supporting the fear.

It’s is not the unknown that we fear, but rather the known that is a projection into the future with expectations based on past experiences that are not resolved and healed. Embracing the unknown is an act of courage (love) and fearlessness that opens the door to wonder, excitement and joy.



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