Post 779 The USA “Take Gadaffi out” mentality will backfire

2011 March 22 11:23 pm I feel that with all the US political, military and media hype about taking Gadaffi “out” of Libya, the US has again, opened a can of worms. When talking about taking Gadaffi out they are meaning either capturing and trying him like they did with Saddam Hussein, or killing him. Since the US also said that it would not be sending in troops to capture him, the emphasis then is on killing him, although they deny that is what they mean. What this sets up is new game rules for any anti-American or UN officials that are considered a threat to whoever deems them to be a threat. The mentality being, if the US and the UN can do it, so can we. Not to say that any targeted political leaders will necessarily be captured and put on trial, but in all likely hook they will be put up for ransom or killed as an act of retribution. It’s no different than a Mafia war, where one faction puts out a contract, or has their own hit men “take out” another leader in an effort to “take over” that operation.

While the US got away with it with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, they will not get away with it in this case. I feel that even though the Arab world has no real love for Gaddafi , they are beginning to see the pattern that the US and other foreign powers are playing to gain control of foreign interests.

Even the political/media rhetoric of making Libya pay for this so-called foreign help to oust Gaddafi is seen as a sham. The fuzzy US logic is to take Gadaffi’s fortune, said to be worth billions that he had stolen from the Libyan people, and use it to pay for the war waged to take him out. This will be clearly seen by the Libyans and other Arab countries as exposing the US and the UN’s hidden agenda; that this fighting for freedom and democracy is all about money, power, control, and nothing else.

Not only will it be loyal Gadaffi supporters that will be looking at capturing and killing US and other officials that they can get their hands on, but rest assured, this “take him out” mentality will also be coming from individuals and groups within the USA itself, and will be targeting US politicians and other officials that they think need to be removed from power, or just to make a name for themselves. The irony is that they will all be taking their cue from the highest government official in the US, the president himself.

While this seems like a bad thing, it’s actually good in that eventually, all those at the top of the food chain will be no more, will have killed each other in an effort to gain power and control. I’m laughing to myself as I just saw that there will come a time when no one will want to be in a position of power as they will be signing their own death warrant.


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