Post 871 Things that go bump in the night

2011 Oct 27 I had gone to bed and was laying on my left side with my one knee toward the edge of the bed that I get in and out of. I was just about to dose off when I felt the bed move as if someone was sitting on the edge of the bed. I felt my body lean slightly forward and at the same time I felt my blanket being pulled tight against my body. I went to move my blanket but couldn’t. As I struggled, the ghost suddenly left as I felt the bed shift and my blanket became free,

It had caught me off guard as I haven’t experienced anything like that since my childhood. My first feeling/thought was that this ghost was my sister’s deceased husband that died in a car accident last December. I didn’t feel frightened or scared, but it was an unsettling experience as it was unexpected.
A couple of days later, after supper, I heard what sounded like a popcorn being popped coming from my near my bedroom window. I approached the windows to see if anything outside was causing the noise and as I neared the window, the noise stopped and I was engulfed in a ice cold feeling that gave me goose bumps. I went downstairs and told my sister what happened and she looked skeptical. I then showed her my right arm that still had goose bumps on it..

Things that make you go… Hummmm ? !


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