Earth shift? – Time shift? – Have you noticed?

winter-sunset1 I’ve been noticing recently that it’s not getting as dark at night. By        that I mean that here we are just past the winter solstice, the shortest  day and longest night of the year and it’s 5 pm and overcast and cars    are driving without their headlights on. In other years, it used to     start getting dark around 4:00 pm and by the time 5:00 pm rolled  around you were working and  driving in the dark, as if it was  3:00  am and not this twilight.

big-dipper-n-starIt has nothing to do with the time change as the clocks were set back an hour in November as has been the practice for years. My explanation is that I feel that the Earth has shifted on its axis that we in the northern hemisphere have moved closer to the equator. I don’t know if or how much we have moved as I’m not familiar with this geographic location and being in a city, I can’t se the stars so I don’t have a real fix on where the stars were, and where they are now.

I remember back in 2001 or 2002 that Irene (where I was staying at)  and I were told by out Spirit guides to go outside and look at the  stars. We went out and what surprised us was that the North Star had  shifted to the East by what I’d guesstimate to be a good 70 degrees. It  wasn’t just the North star, but that the entire heavens had shifted to  the right, or East, big dipper, little dipper, Cassiopeia and all. The  heavens didn’t shift to the right or East, but the Earth shifted, not to  the East, but to the West, to give the illusion that the heavens had shifted. So that means that from our position, the Earths North pole shifted toward the west.

earth We studied the phenomena for an hour or so and then went back  inside to have another cup of tea. Before I called it a night and went  to bed, I went out to have another look and the north star was back to  where it was before, which was from the back deck, looking at the  clothes line pole and then at arms length, my little finger was on top  of the pole and my thumb was just covering the north star. We got  that it was a sign of things to come. Hummm? I wonder if this is that  time? time shift, getting dark later, 20 degrees, stars … JR